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Accurate SEO Writing Services in Bloomington-Normal, Tampa Bay and Surrounding Areas

What is SEO Writing?

First, SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO writing (when done well) helps increase a website’s visibility and ranking on major search engines. When someone searches for a topic, the websites with quality content will appear on the first pages. This is important because websites that have a higher rank receive more visits which leads to more sales. SEO writing is NOT saying how awesome your business is. It’s about telling the reader what they want to know in a clear and concise manner. Good SEO writing has quality content and written in the correct tone to engage your audience. Implementing keywords into your website content is also necessary to achieve a high ranking on search engines. Keywords are phrases customers type in when they are searching for something on the internet.

If a customer is searching for “Marketing agency in Bloomington-Normal”, an example of implementing this phrase in a natural way would be: 

Lion’s head Inc. is a marketing agency in Bloomington-Normal that provides SEO writing content to boost your website’s ranking on search engines.

Search engines are ranking websites on original content to go with these keywords. That’s why we find the keywords needed for your website and create content with the keywords that tells the customer what they want to know all in the proper tone. We don’t just do this once. We stay up to date with the keywords and content needed to boost your rankings and tailor your website content accordingly