Lions Head Inc.

Affordable Marketing & Advertising Services in Bloomington-Normal, Tampa Bay and Surrounding Areas

Google Business Services

Our team’s second language is Google services. We know how to operate a list of Google services to gain vital information for advertising and search optimization success. Check out our Google Services page to see how your business can benefit from the services we offer.  

Target Advertising

We start by conducting extensive research to determine the most effective advertising tactics for your brand. We then handle all your advertising needs, so you can worry about all your new customers.   

SEO Writing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing is the art of tailoring the content of your website to maintain a high rank across search engines. Search engines evaluate the content of your website to determine the order in which your website pops up on a search. Our team constantly keeps up with what content is needed to boost your website’s ranking, so you can drive more traffic. Google is currently ranking websites less on keyword stuffing, rather valuing quality content in a website. That is why we focus on creating quality and original content that shoots your website up in the rankings.

Web Design

A lot goes into creating a quality website that maintains a high ranking and drives traffic. We provide a full-service website design package to provide your company with a professional and engaging website to drive the most traffic as possible. Our team of web gurus handle everything from SEO optimization content to security updates. Check out our list of full services to see everything we offer!  


Our team of graphic designers and writers work with you to capture your brand’s story with bold graphics, proper messaging, and effective placement to make your brand seen and known. Check out our link to discover more on the important aspects to branding and how we can help your brand!   

Content Curation

Building a brand requires engaging content on the correct platform that speaks to your target audience. Creating effective and engaging content requires extensive research and creativity. We combine research and wits to provide your brand quality content that drives up engagement and grabs new customers!  

Commercial Photography

You simply can’t achieve the same level of professionalism with low-quality pictures from a mobile phone. Our professional photographers with 15 + years of experience work with you to capture the value of your brand and present your work in the best light.  

Video Production

A good brand video engages customers, creates an impression, and most importantly generates a positive ROI for production costs. Our team of experienced videographers provides your brand with professional concept development, production, and post-production services that give your brand an engaging edge! 

Lead Generation

We generate leads using strategic marketing and advertising tactics and to get your company in front of your target audience. Click the link to see what services we offer and how we do it!

Mobile Optimization

Have you ever waited an excessive amount of time for your website to load from a smartphone, iPad or tablet? Probably not! And neither has your customer. That’s why we make sure your website has a speedy loading time by implementing a top-down loading system. This strategically organizes your website layout and loads the most important graphics first on mobile devices. This service provides your customer with a quick and easy experience while your competitor’s pages are still loading.        

Event Marketing

Throwing an effective company event requires months of research, advertising, and planning. Luckily, we do all of that for you and work with the best resources in the local area to ensure your event is a success