Lions Head Inc.

Accurate Target Advertising Services in Bloomington-Normal, Tampa Bay and Surrounding Areas

Through extensive research and precise use of advertising we gain the attention of your target market and turn them into loyal customers. We determine the most effective advertising tactics for your business from our list of services:   

Google Local Services

Google local services are the first websites a customer sees when they search for a product or service. This is a pay per lead advertising deal, which means your company pays google for any phone or message from a customer who is directly interested in your service. This does not include calls or messages not related to your service, double calls, telemarketers and hang-ups.  

Besides being the first visual website option, this service has other benefits. Google conducts background checks on your business and verifies your credentials. Google also guarantees the customer up to 2,000 dollars if a problem arises from the service provider and no solution is prevented. 

Overall, this service puts your website in a position to:

Google Ad Words

Google ads encompass everything from the ads you see at the top of a google search, ads that pop up on YouTube, bought sections in local outlets and more. We find the most effective advertisement space across outlets that cater to your target audience and make your message seen.  


What is geofencing? Geofencing is the art of dropping digital signatures in a geographic specific area in a strategic manner to determine where your business can gain the most effective attention from your audience. We conduct research and utilize google analytics to find: who needs your services, who is searching for your services, and where they are located. 

We utilize geofencing tactics across social media platforms, Google Ads, Snapchat, YouTube channels, and more! It’s all about sending the right message to the right people on the most effective platform at the right time. Our team does all of that for you so you can enjoy all your new customers (and revenue).  

Social Media Marketing

To attain the most effective social media strategy, we start by finding the key factors that lead to optimal social media engagement.

Choosing the correct content to engage your audience on different platforms is vital to your social media success. Your content on Facebook should be different than your content on Twitter. Why? Because each platform has a different audience that requires different efforts to engage your audience.  

There is more to it than creating engaging content. Other factors that drive engagement are just as important to gain attention, such as: the time your content is posted, the hashtags used in the post, connecting your topic to trending topics in the media, and working with the algorithms behind the platform you use. Yeah there’s a lot that goes into it. That’s why we constantly analyze these factors to provide your business with the most effective social media strategy. 

YouTube Commercials

According to Google, people who watch a complete YouTube advertisement are 23 times more likely to visit a brand, share a brand video and watch more by that brand. Today, it is impossible to watch a YouTube video without seeing an advertisement. The YouTube ads a consumer sees are based on their web searches. Based on your business and target audience, a YouTube commercial advertisement could be effective for driving website traffic and grabbing customers. We do the research to determine if it’s beneficial for your brand and use our creative team of videographers to create an attention holding clip.  

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is used to reach your target customers through email. Getting your message across to your customer requires attention grabbing titles, content and visual graphics that will engage your demographic. Without these key components, proper research, and some creativity, your customer is likely to scroll on. Our team finds your target audience, does the research and provides the witty titles and engaging graphics to make your customer stop and look.      

Billboard Spots

Billboards need to be tailored to your business and target audience. Designing a billboard for a business depends on the industry and the product/service being sold. For example, if your business is in the restaurant industry, your billboard has to showcase your food in a light that grabs the driver’s attention and leaves them salivating in their seat. Our graphic designers speak to your target demographic by finding the right location, message, and image that resonates with your audience as they drive on by.