Lions Head Inc.

Vivid Video Production Services in Bloomington-Normal, Tampa Bay and Surrounding Areas

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but video tells the whole story

A good brand video engages customers, creates an impression, and most importantly generates a positive ROI for production costs. Our team of experienced videographers provides your brand with professional concept development, production, and post-production services. 

We determine what message needs to be delivered on what platform to drive the most engagement for your brand. A brand video posted on Facebook should not be the same as a video used for a YouTube advertisement. Where your video is shown is important to determine how the video is produced. After determining the concept and content for your video, we work with your business to capture your brand’s story. We then conduct the post-production magic that brings your video to life. This includes selecting the right scenes, length and (legal) background sounds that emphasize your message. Our video production team takes care of all the necessary procedures to provide your brand with a quality video with an engaging edge.