Lions Head Inc.

Stunning Website Design Services in Bloomington-Normal, Tampa Bay and Surrounding Areas

We provide a full-service website design package to provide your company a professional and engaging website to drive the most traffic as possible. 

What are the key ingredients for a successful website?

It must contain original & quality content

This is important to not only engage a customer, but also to maintain efficient rankings on search engine optimizations. It’s not just about keywords anymore. We know that because we keep up to date with Google’s optimization methods so we can keep our clients visible. 

It must have a memorable domain

Your domain name needs to make sense for your business, align with your company’s name/product, be clever and memorable enough for customers to go straight to your website. If they remember your website domain, they aren’t google searching your service. (which means they aren’t seeing any other options) 

It needs to have accurate headings and effective organization

If a customer can’t figure out how to navigate your website, you can kiss that customer goodbye. Headings are important for direction as well as your search engine ranking for your website.  

Your website needs to be responsive

No customer wants to wait for your website to load on any device. We have the tools to make sure your website has a fast-load time and maintains quick mobile optimization.

(you don’t want your vistors seeing this)

There is much more activity that goes into creating and operating a successful website. (one that generates maximum profit) 

That’s why we have web gurus that do it for you.

Here’s what they do:

This is not a one time service. We provide consistent check-ins on website content and keywords to maintain the highest level of search engine optimization and security updates to make sure your information and website is protected.